The Smoke House Difference

At the Smoke House Ormesby we don't just provide a US themed dining experience, we take pride in the effort we go to in bringing you the Finest USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) approved meats which we Smoke in house to bring out additional tailored flavour to already superior meat.

Why do we put all this extra effort in?

 The USDA Approved meat used is ideal for our method of cooking, the Grain fed animals live to a more mature age which has a significant impact on both the texture and flavour of the meat. What this means to our customers is that the meat has higher fat marbling. When this meat is cooked slowly as in our cooking process this fat renders down in to the meat making it moister, tender and more flavoursome. 

We have put a lot of effort in to sourcing our produce as well as our recipes and we are confident its a difference that you will notice with the quality of your meal. This additional passion has also been transfered in to the decor of our restaurant. With a lot of effort our family has breathed new life in to our 1790 built manner house, stripping it back to its bare bones and exposing its brickwork and history. Adding some additional character and maybe slightly quirky features.

The Smoke House
Yarmouth Road
NR29 3QG

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